Wednesday, September 8, 2010

This last weekend for Labor day we went camping with the whole Russell family! Jake and Brit came up with their sweet kids and it was such a blast! We camped in an area that Trav and his family would always camp at when he was a boy! It was a beautiful place! I absolutely love the outdoors! The kids had a blast and they all did very well! Rode some quads, ate a lot of junk food, went a some hikes and shot some guns! It was too fun! I love taking trips like this with the family and making memories with the kids!

Four of the cutest kids you will ever see! I love each and everyone of these kids and their very different personalities that make them who they are! I am pretty sure that was Livy's pose in every picture.

Me and my sweet baby girl!

Here is a picture of all the cute Russell grandkids!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Today was my sweet girl's first day of school! They were pretty excited! Issy more than Abbie! I am so proud of these two girls and of how well they do in school! I will miss them and hanging out with them and having our silly days! Love you guys!

Abbie is going into 5th grade!

Issy is going into 2nd grade!